I've posted about it before, but the question returns: how does one install modular Xorg from pkgsrc when there's no single meta-pkg for it?  Gergo Szakal links to some answers.
rsync.net (which offers Backup Done Right, as far as I can tell) is offering a number of code bounties for various (mostly FreeBSD) projects.  One of them is a standardized stress test for UFS2 - a general filesystem testing framework would do everyone good - especially someone using a distributed file system...
There's a variety of ways to turn on multiprocessing support in a kernel; Matthew Dillon recently explained the variety and reasoning.
I'm a bit slow in mentioning this, but: the most recent quarterly release of pkgsrc, 2007Q1, is officially released.
Do you have a bge(4) network card?  If so, Sepherosa Ziehau would like you to test his patch - it shouldn't do anything but improve the card performance.
Simon 'corecode' Schubert has added the ability to switch between threading libraries.  It needs a little bit more work, for which he could use the help - see the message for details.
Syslink, the method for having DragonFly systems communicate within a cluster, has been added in a basic form. This is the infrastructure - it can't be used for clustering yet. (Don't want to get anyone overexcited.) The man page isn't online yet, but you can look at the raw page.