Upgrading pkgsrc, redux

An oft-asked question about pkgsrc is, “How do I upgrade?”.  There’s a number of ways to do it, with varying levels of danger and speed.  This question has been asked enough times on the pkgsrc-users@ mailing list that Jeremy C. Reed set up a wiki page describing the various tools.  Bookmark it, cause someday you’ll want it.

Bug cleanup time

Since the next release is coming up, I’m trying to clean out as many old bugs as possible.  About a third of the bugs at bugs.dragonflybsd.org are cleaned out, but some of the remaining ones are older and may no longer apply.

If you’ve ever posted a bug to the bugs@ mailing list, please give bugs.dragonflybsd.org a look and make sure you don’t have any old issues sitting there.

2,000 posts!

The exact count stands at 2,003 posts with this one.  Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this may be the most frequently updated BSD-oriented news site in existence.

Various pkgsrc updates

Seen on pkgsrc-users@: A new tool for pkgsrc upgrades, called pkg_rolling-replace. It’s in pkgtools. It builds replacements for programs in order of dependency, without removing everything first. Strangely, it was funded by DARPA.

Also, the latest version of Apache 2.2 has been brought into pkgsrc.  I link to the message because it also describes how to set the 2.2 version as the default for every other package that requires Apache.