Gergo Szakal managed to get a DragonFly system running as a filtering bridge using PF; his writeup on how he did it can be found on the wiki.
Much thanks is due Jason Watson, who donated a new server to Simon 'corecode' Schubert. This new, more powerful server is, builds the snapshot ISOs, and is one of the mirrors for DragonFly releases. Simon added "if you have spare/old hardware which you will throw away anyways, don't hesitate to ask if somebody can use it for dragonfly."
Hubert Feyrer posted a link to his summation of the Google Summer of Code projects for NetBSD.   Included is a description of DragonFly (and pkgsrc) developer Joerg Sonnenberger's pkg_install work.
Simon 'corecode' Schubert has imported a newer version of OpenSSH.  Along with this, he pointed out that the current method of importing 3rd-party code into DragonFly could be made much simpler by using CVS vendor tags.
Simon 'corecode' Schubert has imported - but not yet hooked into the system - gcc 4.1.1.
If you are running DragonFly as the only operating system on your computer, there's not much point to having a boot menu installed.  If you want to speed up booting, my first guess at how to get rid of it works, plus Simon 'corecode' Schubert describes how to back it up.
Jeremy C. Reed is looking for someone from a user perspective who has been using pkgsrc  and had experience with the old dfports system.  This is apparently for an article.
Joerg Sonnenberger's getting rid of the compiled-on-DragonFly-1.4 pkgsrc binaries; building from source should still work, but an upgrade to 1.6 is probably a good idea anyway.
Joerg Sonnenberger has uploaded the full set of pkgsrc binary packages for pkgsrc-2006Q3 to his site.  (See the earlier message for the link.)  Please test, especially if you are a KDE or GNOME user.
Matthew Dillon has committed a number of improvements to nullfs put together by him and Joerg Sonnenberger. The biggest changes are that nullfs can now be mounted recursively, and does not have to have a distinct mounting path; e.g. mount 'anywhere'.