One Reply to “Linux support isn’t branded”

  1. Since I just finished wrangling with it last night, I might mention that firefox-bin from pkgsrc pretty much Just Works -if- you make a DragonFly-specific Makefile out of the NetBSD-specific one in… whew, what is it, www/mozilla-bin or somesuch? (Having checked, whee, it’s now seamonkey-bin, so pkgsrc’s Firefox build now ‘relies’ on code that’s suddenly ‘for’ what’s no longer an official Mozilla project. Durf.)

    The mess is in seamonkey-bin/Makefile.common, where the conditionals around “# Linux builds on NetBSD” and “# builds typically want exactly ‘’, etc. symlink them # into the mozilla directory.” need to apply to DragonFly as well. In my case, I just wrenched it enough to get it installed, then removed the symlinks manually — apparently the Linuxulator’s library search path also Just Works, while explicit links to native DF libraries obviously don’t.

    Trivial changes, and if I get a chance I’ll try to make a clean patch… but I’m not exactly reliable with such things. (After all, I’m posting this here rather than on a mailing list, right?)

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