Charles M. Hannum, one of the originators of the NetBSD project, posted what I'll call a rant about the state of NetBSD; he wants NetBSD to lead system development and he blames the organizational layout for slowing development. It appears he wants to return to the less complex organization of the early days of NetBSD; I don't think that's relevant in this stage of NetBSD's development.   (Is NetBSD the oldest existing open source operating system project?)
Joerg Sonnenberger regularly builds binary packages for pkgsrc, for DragonFly, in parallel. This eats up a lot of disk and RAM. He could use another 2 Gb of DDR2 RAM. This would greatly speed up builds. Got spare RAM or cash? Please help, (he's at as this benefits every DragonFly user. (And to a lesser extent, every pkgsrc user.)
Jeremy C. Reed has put together a new book on the pf packet filter, originally from OpenBSD but now found in all the BSDs, including DragonFly.  It's available from his website.
The BSD Installer mailing list currently has no online archive, but it's possible to retrieve past mailings by mailing to where x and y are the number of the first and last message you want to retrieve. is also available.  (Thanks, Chris Pressey)
Something I knew:  You can set the environment variable PKG_PATH to the URL where binary pkgsrc packages are located, and pkg_add will automatically fetch from there. Something I didn't know: you can have multiple sites listed, as Petr Janda explains.
Sepherosa Ziehau has ported nfe(4), support for NVIDIA PCI ethernet adapters, from OpenBSD, with some changes and improvements. has a new article up: IPFW, which is one of the several firewalls present in DragonFly and other BSDs.
A memory overrun issue in ppp has been discovered in NetBSD which also applies to DragonFly. It's been fixed, thanks to Joerg Sonnenberger.  It's also found in FreeBSD (fixed) and OpenBSD (no fix yet that I know of.)
The Cache Coherency Management System, a fiendish system which will allow crazy things like mapping memory across multiple machines, mentioned before, has been started.
The somewhat perennial discussion of microkernels came up again on kernel@; start at the beginning to read the generally useful conversation.
According to a recent announcement, the second AsiaBSDCon will be held on March 8-11, 2007, in the University of Tokyo, Japan.  Papers are already being solicited.
If there was a mailing list that had regular summaries of the posts on here, would it be useful to you? If so, would you want it daily? Weekly? Ian R. Stephenson suggested this, and I've had more people than I expected agree.
The modular version of xorg is predicted to be in pkgsrc in October. For those needing an explanation: We currently have the 'monolithic' version.   The modular form breaks the build of xorg into parts that can be updated separately, and will be the form used for future versions.