Stable has slipped!

Stable has slipped.

If that doesn’t make sense to you, this means that the current “bleeding edge” code has been moved to “Stable” status, as there’s no outstanding problems with it. If you’re using the “DragonFly_Stable” tag in your CVSup file, you’ll have some new things to download.

Hassle fixed!

Historically, access to devices by anyone other than root has been a slight hassle under BSD. Joerg Anslik’s changes to MAKEDEV have been committed, which, among other things, allows for a /etc/devices.conf that controls individual permissions for different devices, such as the CD drive.

Looking out

As part of a longer thread about making your computer configure itself appropriately to available networks, Freddie Cash pointed at the work in FreeBSD. This may be convertible to FreeBSD…