Read legalese for fun

It’s a slow news day, so take the time to read the full text of the USL settlement text, over at GrokLaw.

For those not versed in arcane history, BSD is a product of the code that Berkeley produced from early access to AT&T’s Unix source code. Lawsuits ensued, almost two decades ago, but were all settled – this is why SCO has not been able to sue any BSD-using company, even though BSD is a more “direct descendant” of the original UNIX than Linux.

Why Buy Opteron?

Not directly DragonFly related, but I recently read this article in print form, which talks about server motherboard architecture with the new amd64 chips. A number of people running DragonFly have reported excellent results using them, even though DragonFly is not yet 64-bit.

Old drivers deprecated

Joerg Sonnenberger warned that several drivers will be removed in the next two weeks from all flavors of DragonFly, including Stable, unless someone needs them:

– GPLed math emulator
– GPLed dgb driver
– GPLed awe driver
– old pre-newbus rp driver (use nrp instead)
– OLDCARD AKA pcic (also not built as module by default)

Taosecurity links

Richard Bejtlich’s always excellent TaoSecurity blog comments on the different goals described by the major BSD projects. A interesting read. He also wrote a list of reasons on why he works with FreeBSD – points 4,6, and 7 apply even more to DragonFly. (From BSDNews.) He later linked to more discussion, including a discussion on freebsd-chat that unfortunately consists of some folks pointing out a problem (FreeBSD project goal definition) and a number of others doing nothing but describing their indifference, intricately.

BSDInstaller list returns again

The BSDInstaller mailing list is back – again. It seems it wasn’t quite fixed at the time I mentioned this before, but this time, it’s for real. It’s still discussion-subscribe “at” bsdinstaller ‘dot’ org to subscribe.

Update: I still haven’t seen a “confirmation of subscription” message, so I could be wrong again.