Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai wrote me to mention that his recent libm changes "included optimised assembly routines for certain mathematical functions for x86 and amd64."
Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai has updated dfports/x11/xterm to support color - he posted some tips on how to use it. Update: Corrected.
Matthew Dillon mentioned that he anticipates the next releases in February and just before the next USENIX event in April. He also brought up the concept of an actual branch in the DragonFly source code, though without any firm date as to when.
A fellow named John Leimon posted a helpful tip on how to set up your soundcard under DragonFly, and some statistics on file transfer speeds improvements under DragonFly. (hint: it's good)
The FreeBSD Foundation is looking to add $30,400 by the end of the year - i.e. within about a week. The Foundation has a good amount of cash, but a greater proportion of the Foundation's money needs to come from private individuals, not corporations, in order to keep its non-profit status (and accompanying tax breaks) in the U.S. Donating via PayPal or check to the Foundation doesn't directly help DragonFly, but a high tide raises all boats, as the saying goes.
Look! Joerg Sonnenberger committed something big and it looks important and I have no clue what it is! Oh, I am so tired.
What kind of payoff is Matthew Dillon expecting from the threaded subsystems in DragonFly? *HUGE*
Jeffrey Hsu's comitted more work to get ready for a parallelized routing setup. Interestingly, if you look at the commit message and count the lines added and subtracted (the 'Changes' column), there's generally less code as a result.
A fellow named Robert T. Kopp posted a question on whether a new BSD user should pick FreeBSD 5.3 or DragonFly, and Matt Dillon did a short summary on the reasons for picking either.