Sound changes

If your sound card previously did not work, a recent fix suggested by Barry Bouwsma and committed by Matthew Dillon may fix it. If you have a SF64-PCR sound card, a change in make.conf will be needed, as described in the link above.

Eeyuk, EHCI

Adam Kirchoff noted his computer would have trouble when he hooked up a USB2 CDROM; Matthew Dillon followed up by pointing out EHCI (the subsystem that deals with USB2) is somewhat troublesome, though UHCI (USB1) should work fine. (I’m linking to the start and end of the thread.)

Fragging fragment

Due to a typo, now fixed, in the disklabel man page, the Installer for DragonFly 1.0A used a too-large fragment size for disks larger than 1G. You may run out of inodes depending on the size of your disk and the number of files you have on it. Matthew Dillon suggested this temporary workaround when installing, until the Installer is changed.

New XOrg port made

James L. Davis has created a new version of the package that correctly deals with the mouse and with TrueType fonts.

If you haven’t heard of what xorg is, visit and see – it’s a de facto/drop-in replacement for XFree86. It’s not a significantly different package at this point, but it may be, by the next release.