Scott Ullrich has a version of OpenNTPD, a network time daemon, available for testing.
The ports/x11/nvidia-driver port currently stops during build with an error about vnode_if.h. This is being worked on.
Matthew Dillon's 4th VFS patch probably will go in today. 'esmith' asked why nullfs was so broken on FreeBSD, and how it was better on DragonFly, to which Matthew Dillon posted this reply, which happens to include some details of his next major task. Update: commited, with further explanation of what changed.
(seen on DaemonNews) BSD Ports Manipulator appears to be rather spiffy, and may work with the ports system on DragonFly. The "B" instead of "F" implies it should be handling more than just ports, though.
Matthew Dillon has a third VFS patch up; he's looking for anyone using UFS under heavy load, or other filesystems. This is dangerous, as he expects there to be crashing with this patch.
Looks like Serenity Systems has a Serenity Virtual Station (link from Slashdot) product that lets you run a virtual machine, much like VMWare, and they have a FreeBSD-native version. This may work on DragonFly, though it'll take someone with a spare $50USD to find out.
If you're looking for something to do, you can always help with language locales. This does not require programming experience.
If you happen to live in Holland with some spare NVIDIA cards, SMP motherboards, or hard drives, or you live anywhere in the US with a spare laptop that could run DragonFly, then you should be looking at the Donations page.
Sascha Wildner is looking for people to try his 16/32 bit patch for syscons, the DragonFly console mechanism.
Matthew Dillon's clarified how to have source recognition for your contribution to DragonFly.