Slightly broken

Matt Dillon’s putting in some material from FreeBSD-5, so if PNPBIOS is defined, you may not produce a working kernel during the next few days.

update: PNPBIOS should not be enabled if you have a AMD64 machine, and the K8V motherboard, as that appears to be broken.

Bugzilla brought in

Jeroen Ruigrok is setting up Bugzilla for tracking bugs/requests for DragonFly. As part of the process, there’s some 6,000 (!) items brought over from FreeBSD-4. No link yet…

Things to come

In a thread about booting media, Matt Dillon noted he was going to:

  • Look at Jeff Hsu’s TCP thread code
  • implement variant symlinks
  • start VFS messaging and environments

VFS will make a number of other things – especially a new port system – possible.