Radeon improvements

Francois Tigeot has made a number of updates to the ttm and radeon code, bringing it line with the Linux 4.9 kernel version.  If you have a radeon(4)-using video card, you may find this useful. Also, evergreeen and radeonsi chipset users have acceleration disabled.  You may not notice depending on your workload.

Several layers of radeon update

Francois Tigeot has updated the radeon driver in DragonFly to match what’s in Linux kernel 3.19.8.  No, wait, I took too long to post this cause there’s been so many things, so now it’s up to 4.4.180.

ttm and radeon DRM updates in DragonFly

Francois Tigeot updated ttm and radeon DRM in DragonFly to match what’s in I assume the Linux 3.18 kernel.  Please try if you have the appropriate hardware.  This was at the start of May, so you may have already done so without realizing if you run -current.  It’ll be in the 5.6 release, too.

Radeon R9 290 and acceleration on DragonFly

Radeon hardware support in DragonFly has been moved up to match what’s in the Linux 4.7.10 kernel.  If you have a R9 290 GPU, there’s some tweaks you may need. (n.b. may be unnecessary now from later commits; I don’t have the hardware to check.)

New Radeon updates and what to do with them

There’s an update for Radeon DRM that matches it up (mostly) to what’s in Linux kernel 4.7.10.  If it gives you problems, there’s some workarounds.  Remember, this is in DragonFly-current, so anyone running 4.8 is unaffected.

Another update for Radeon users

If you have a Radeon video card in your DragonFly system, and are running bleeding-edge, there’s an update for you.  This is a partial sync with Radeon code for Linux 3.18, with no additional notes in the commit but you can always check elsewhere.

Flakey disks, new radeon

I’m combining two items because news happens faster than I can post: Tomohiro Kusumi has added a ‘dm-flakey’ target to the disk mapper, so you can simulate an unreliable disk, reliably. Also, the DRM support for radeon chipsets has been updated to match the Linux 3.18 kernel, same as i915.  Remember, you can control backlight brightness …

More radeon updates

Francois Tigeot has pushed in some significant updates from Rimvydas Jasinskas, updating the radeon driver to match Linux 3.17.  Try it if you have the corresponding hardware.

More Radeon support work

Most of the news is about Intel video support, but Radeon direct rending improvements are coming too.  ‘zrj’ have brought up drm/radeon support to match what is in Linux 3.12.  Worth trying if you’ve had problems with your Radeon and audio, going by what I’ve seen people report in IRC.

Radeon updates

In addition to all the Intel video updates that have gone into DragonFly, there’s been work on radeon support from Michael Neumann.  This will show in the next release, coming soon.  (Just a few patches more…)

Radeon updates, too

If you’ve been sitting with a Radeon-based video card and wishing you had all the nice updates i915 users are getting, today is your lucky day.  Michael Neumann has brought Radeon support equivalent to Linux 3.9 into DragonFly, and he has a 3.10 branch for testing if you feel adventurous.

Radeon KMS driver added

The Radeon KMS driver from FreeBSD has been imported to DragonFly by Francois Tigeot.  It still has problems with ttm, but don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of it.

Radeon and KMS branch to try

Francois Tigeot posted his work on the KMS driver for Radeon video cards.  He’s looking for help since he’s low on time for the immediate future, and this is a project that could benefit everyone.  (Well, everyone with the right video card.)