In Other BSDs for 2019/06/15

I linked to some other BSD link roundups, so the joy of clicking can continue.

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  1. Lars Schotte says:

    That OpenBSD as IPv6 Router article is almost completely false.
    I have something on using my edgerouterlite as OpenBSD ADSL Router with native IPv6 over PPPoE DHCPv6 PD /56 and DS-Lite (having IPv4 connectivity over IPv6 tunnel, connecting to a OPTION_AFTR_NAME DHCPv6 option AFTR server).
    And that is pretty standard.
    In the article he gives prefix 2a00:5414:7311::/48
    what he should never do. A /48 or /56 should be used for routes only, and never for subnets, subnets should be /64.
    He says that you need DHCPv6 for windows clients, because Windows would not understand SLAAC, which is false. I have tested that with Windows from XP onwards. Everything works like expected. To the contrary, I am NOT using DHCPv6 for internal networks and I am forcing SLAAC to use short validtimes instead because DHCPv6 is not supported by Android smartphones and that is the majority, so YOU really should NOT use DHCPv6 for configuring clients, unless you have NO wifi.

  2. Solene’s pretty responsive – can you send your comments directly? It’s worth updating.

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