6 Replies to “Default compiler changed to gcc-8”

  1. I’m having library issues with snapshots/x86_64/DragonFly-x86_64-LATEST-IMG.img since this change, at least I suspect they are related. Installing a daily build from usb, booting a desktop xorg+xfce fails on “libstdc++.so.9”. Have tried a couple days.

  2. Are you building xorg and xfce or installing binaries with pkg? If you are using pkg, it’s probably built with a different gcc. Try building with dports, perhaps?

  3. Yes to binaries, I install from a LATEST stick periodically, and use pkg from there on, with my personal stuff dot files etc. pulled from a private repo. Does the binary repo get rebuilt at some point to come back into sync? Don’t think I want to start building large things on my laptop. Thanks for the reply.

  4. The binaries do get rebuilt – however this may not even be the cause; I am making a wild guess.

  5. Ok thanks. Running fine on 5.2.2 for now. Will try LATEST again in a week or so and if I’m still confused will ask on the users mail list.

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