mkinitrd out, initrd in

There was an optional ‘make initrd’ step in the DragonFly build process, where you can create a small binary to use for mounting encrypted root drives.

Aaron LI has removed mkinitrd in favor of ‘make initrd’, which builds a separate binary to use in exactly those situations.  See the commit message for more detail.  It incidentally creates a ‘/rescue’ directory and works as a rescue ramdisk, similar to other BSDs, if you should ever need it.  (See updated MOTD for details)

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  1. Hi. The packed initrd image at ‘/boot/kernel/initrd.img.gz’ can be used as a rescue ramdisk (choose from the boot menu to go to the ‘rescue ramdisk’, or when the real root mount fails).

    The ‘/rescue’ tools can be used directly when you come across problems with the base system’s tools, avoiding rebooting into the rescue mode.

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