Use wpa_supplicant only long enough to replace it

DragonFly ships with wpa_supplicant, for setting up WiFi.  However, there’s no guarantee it’s the latest version.  A solution exists: security/wpa_supplicant in dports.  However, this has a chicken-and-egg problem, where you need wpa_supplicant to get online and download the dports version of wpa_supplicant.  So, DragonFly still includes wpa_supplicant in the base system, but you should upgrade to the dports version when possible.

3 Replies to “Use wpa_supplicant only long enough to replace it”

  1. I think it would be better to provide wpa_supplicant as pre-installed package built from dports i.e. in a way as git and bind-tools are provided.

  2. Update: and so wpa_supplicant could be removed from source tree.

  3. Maybe an installer menu item “Install security updates with pkg” for this and future similar issues.

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