In Other BSDs for 2015/07/11

This is a week for unexpected BSD news – OpenBSD and Microsoft, a new 4.4BSD variant, and so on.

5 Replies to “In Other BSDs for 2015/07/11”

  1. Microsoft is donating more money than other companies that you could easily argue have shipped many more copies of OpenSSH/use SSH much more heavily. (Google, Apple, Facebook, etc etc etc)

    I’m not defending Microsoft, but rather pointing out that many, many companies could afford to cough up more dough relative to the utility that OpenSSH has provided for them.

    This is open source and there’s no set price tag, on the other hand.

  2. How can you be mad when they gave anything? You can’t hate on your donors because they didn’t donate more money than they did. I would never donate money to a group that thought like that.

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