9 Replies to “Lumina for DragonFly”

  1. Anonym says:

    I’m not an expert. But how can i build Lumina with the files of mneumann?

  2. FinFin says:

    Usually it’s either cc or make. Depending on wheter there is a Makefile or not. Then you point X11 to it from it’s config file.

  3. I don’t know how to build it – I downloaded it last night and there’s no makefile, so it’s not the easy way I was expecting… but there’s a port skeleton in there so it should be possible to pick it out of ports and bring it in. I’ll make an attempt tonight. (or just wait for it to filter into dports, or catch mneumann on IRC)

  4. James says:

    It’s QT so you should just have to run qmake lumina.pro from the root of the checkout.

  5. Anonym says:

    Could somebody give please a short howto or list the single steps how to download/patch/build lumina?

  6. qmake lumina.pro gives

    “QMAKESPEC has not been set, so configuration cannot be deduced.”

    There’s some other dependencies that could probably be figured out by looking at the Makefile in the port-files directory.

  7. John says:

    lumina is in ports now (as of this week), so in theory all we have to do is put the delta patches in DeltaPorts.

  8. Anonym says:

    not yet!

  9. John says:

    i said “ports” not “dports”.

    “not yet” is false, it’s definitely in ports: http://www.freshports.org/x11/lumina/

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