In Other BSDs for 2014/05/03

Updated late this week because of circumstances.

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  1. Are there any WMs around that don’t have any Linuxisms? Openbox? Fluxbox? FVWM?

  2. @Anonymous: Having tightly integrated environment may appeal to some users (people not interested in building their perfect desktop, corporate environment, etc). Window managers don’t really fill this gap.

  3. I agree 80% with the FAQ about Lumina. It is indeed a shame that some desktop environments don’t fully work under *BSD. For instance, GNOME 3.12 on OpenBSD has a few things missing that would be there under Linux: working sound control, user accounts GUI, a network manager, and so on.

    But. OpenBSD _does_ have GNOME 3.12. That’s something. So things aren’t quite so dire — not yet. anyway. I have no idea why FreeBSD doesn’t have GNOME 3 in ports by now, but I am not so sure that “Linuxisms” deserve all the blame.

    P..S. As usual, thanks for the blog.

  4. I don’t know that part of the reason for Gnome 3 not being present isn’t because of so many people hating the interface change that they made in addition to the performance drops from GTK2 to GTK3. With regard to OpenBSD, I wonder how different things are for it compared to other *nix systems due to Xenocara. It might be worth figuring out at what version the major desktop environments are going to require systemd, which would also be seemingly a stopping point for their continued usage in BSDs.

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