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  1. iMil says:

    Thanks for the news guys !

    Just a quick update, and an (almost) plain english explanation :

    pkgin is on its way, along with the “double dewey match fix” (foo>=1.2.3<2.0), i've corrected another issue dealing with unnecessary package being tagged as "to-remove" when they already are on the upgrade list. I am quite confident that those fixes actually end any dependency problem that could have happened in the past.

    While at it, i've included a mechanism that will handle a case i've been through: if by any chance a package is no more on the repository, pkgin will try to satisfy it's dependencies with local dependencies, and try to keep this non-upgradable package.

    Now about the future. I will branch pkgin 0.4 anytime soon now. It will include three major changes:

    . No SQLite dependency anymore (that's gonna end up some massive trolling i guess)
    . Performance improvements thanks to bapt's 0-copy patches
    . Better MINIX integration

    Thanks for using pkgin and keep the tests going !

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