Messylaneous: reading, catchup

I apologize; I’ve been missing.  Here’s some misc links while I get back in gear:

  • A very good reason to be interested in Hammer over ZFS: nobody will threaten lawsuits over Hammer.
  • 10 tricks for admins.  I’m posting it cause I can never remember that thing with tunneling ssh out.  (via)
  • This Gaming Life, as a free download.  An excellent book that is in physical form on my shelf right now.  Yes, unrelated.

4 Replies to “Messylaneous: reading, catchup”

  1. I don’t want to sound pessimistic (and I’m not a lawyer), but IIRC DragonFlyBSD is still from the software patents “infected” U.S. and I highly doubt Matt had the resources nor the time to do a thorough patent-research before he started coding hammer, just because you write your code from scratch doesn’t mean you’re not violating any (software) patents IIRC

  2. I’m going to have to agree with RayOfHope on this one. Also it seems that the patent at the core of NetApp’s infringement claims (patent No. 6,892,211) was shot down WRT ZFS. [Yeah, yeah, Citation Needed]

    Really tho, no one seems safe from this imaginary property bullshit.

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