New SoC

I don’t recall if I mentioned this before, but the Google Summer of Code software (the part that Google manages) is now an open source project, for anyone to participate in.  If and when DragonFly participates next year, this application is how it will be managed.

Musical digression

On an entirely personal note, I was having a conversation with my coworkers today about the change in technology within my lifetime; when I was young, there was no world wide web, no digital music, no timeshifting of TV programs, etc. etc.  My workplace has an intern young enough to have never encountered these things.

Now, I noticed this musicmaking tutorial on Youtube.  In 1985, this would have been done in a room filled with electronics, probably hand-built, with cabling run all over the place.  Now, the software that accomplishes that, with a single computer, is expressly designed to simulate those old analog connections.  It’s very wierd, and probably meaningless to those under 30.

Also, yay dubstep.

More Git vs. Mercurial

Matthew Dillon’s posted the results of the Git vs. Mercurial voting, which worked out to an even tie.  (Darnit, I didn’t think to vote!)  He’s posted a followup, proposing to make both available.

Also, discussion of Git vs. Mercurial for DragonFly spread to comp.version-control.git, which led to a very technical and surprisingly even-handed (for the Internet) discussion of the virtues of each program.  (via Hasso Tepper in EFNet #dragonflybsd)

FSOSS writeups

Dru Lavigne went to the Free Software and Open Source Symposium in Toronto; she has writeups from every session she attended:

Another pile of links

I love these.

Reconnoiter through serendipity

I think I stumbled on this while looking at NYCBSDCon sponsors: Reconnoiter is a network monitoring application that is designed to monitor very large networks.  It was started on OpenBSD, and works on a number of operating systems.  Interesting for multiple reasons.