News sites, like this one, and not like this one

This post on the “gentrification of geek communities” is interesting, and somewhat relevant to what I’m trying to do with the Digest. However, the author seems to have more of a concern about which sites appear the most hip, rather than viewing them as secondary mechanisms for reporting on the actual news items found there. (Via)

Perhaps that’s the sign a geek news site has ‘jumped the shark’: when appearing on it is more exciting than reading the news articles present. e.g. the Slashdot Effect rather than the Slashdot News.

Google Summer of Code midterms

The mid-term evaluation for Google Summer of Code work is coming up for the week of July 7th – meaning it starts tomorrow. If you’re a student or a mentor, read my post on the kernel@ mailing list, and make sure you complete your evaluations befoer the 14th.

(side note: TGEN, where are you?)

Other BSDs has a nice shout-out for this Digest and other BSD news sites – the same ones I look at. Speaking of which, Undeadly has had a whole lot of coverage of the c2k8 Hackathon lately. I haven’t been linking to it, but it’s worth some reading.

Open systems

This Wired article on Android is worth reading.  Not because it’s directly related to DragonFly, but because it’s a open source platform.  If you’re interested in DragonFly, you must have at least a passing interest in open source software.

We’re all used to being able to install and configure (and break) our BSD systems the way we want, when we want, without having to seek permission or necessarily pay a fee to someone who isn’t the author of the software  we want.  This is not generally possible with phones, which, after all, are specialized computer systems.  Keep an eye on this.