3 Replies to “New site design?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the new design is much better.

    (Robin Carey)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see much of a difference really. I think the links on the left can be done “nicer” (i.e. links colored boxes that change colors when rolled over or something like that). Maybe it’s just meat to be text-browser friendly.

  3. chris_g_g says:

    I like the green/red colours and the tree-line top banner. Though the blue download button looks nice and “complete”. Wonder if it still looks good redrawn in a deep forest green?

    Old Fred is more iconic in that it looks more like a stamp or badge or favourites/bookmarks thumbnail.
    New Fred is friendly and I like how it looks but seems less flexible in its usage.
    For the purpose of “official badge” the original seems more suited but it’d be nice to see this new one buzzing around in some form too! OBSD seem to have many Puffys…

    Other than that, the layouts are so similar it just looks like the new menu has some entries missing, in which case both are easily doable side-by-side with alternative CSS.
    I like the rather plain text approach both have – makes reading it so much easier than some CMS with their zillions of sections, menus and cruft; and page loads are fast too.

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