Hasso Tepper has committed all the recent changes to sound infrastructure in FreeBSD-6 to DragonFly; this improves sound support on a number of different laptops.
Dmitry Komissaroff has created a new version of the Bluetooth stack, with a version ready to test.   Among other changes, it's now possible to use a cellphone via Bluetooth to establish a PPP connection.  There are other caveats.
AsiaBSDCon 2008 is scheduled for March 27-30 in Tokyo.  The deadline for paper proposals has been pushed to December 11th, and there is a mailing list for further announcements - check the official website for more information.
According to Google image search, this very Digest has something to do with boobs. If this trend continues, I predict a significant increase in traffic. And disappointed visitors. (via Joerg Sonnenberger, who is apparently the common thread)
Matthew Dillon has posted another of his (apparently regular?) HAMMER updates.
It starts with trying to install BSD, and goes downhill from there.  (Check the image properties for more of the joke.)
This AP news story seen in several places describes how the BSA has been vigorously obtaining money in and out of court for pirated software, and it appears to be procuring more money than the actual value of the pirated software.  ... Another good reason to use open source, which the article touches on, by the end.
If you have a laptop with bleeding-edge DragonFly and an ExpressCard slot, please test it out, as Sepherosa Ziehau has made them supportable.
I like super-small computers as much as anyone, and I've been watching for the new Asus Eee PC.  It uses Linux, though there's been issues with it conforming with the GPL license.   You know, if the device only ran a BSD, there wouldn't be these licensing problems...  (BSD link via hubertf)
Aggelos Economopoulos has submitted a series of patches to bring pmctools into DragonFly; PMC stands for "Performance Measurement Counters".  Give them a whirl, as positive or negative feedback will get him to continue work.
Dru Lavigne brings news of a BSD-focused print magazine to be published by next summer.   She includes writing guidelines - this is a good chance to get published!  (Via, Via)
Matthew Dillon is continuing his HAMMER work, with this and many other subsequent commits in the past while. Check the archive for more discussion.
Sepherosa Ziehau has committed the rest of his work separating dummynet from ipfw and making it run on a per-CPU basis.  This means that, with some additional work, dummynet could be used with pf, for instance.
Sepherosa Ziehau has committed the first half of his work making dummynet(4) work per-CPU; his latest commit has a handy description and bonus ASCII art.
Matthew Dillon described the state of his distributed filesystem, saying a simple version should be up and runnable by next week, with actual clusters (meaning multiple disk blocks, not separate systems) supported some time after. Also, the next regular 6-month release (2.0!) will probably be pushed out a little to mid-January 2008, so the release isn't happening at the same time as everyone's holiday plans.
Nuno Antunes has posted his latest version of a netgraph upgrade; he's looking for feedback and ideas.  Interestingly, he included a virtual kernel config so his changes can be tested without interfering with normal system operation.
Simonm 'corecode' Schubert has slipped the Preview tag; those of you running 1.11-preview can update and get all recent changes.