A BSD-based smartphone?

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring BSDphone! Wired has a writeup on various smartphones that let you actually install software on the hardware you own, unlike some well-known examples. One of the phones mentioned is the Motorola A1200, or “Ming”, which is possibly BSD licensed open source code. Most of the pages that talk about it say “Linux-based”, so it may just be the translations, which are the only place I’ve seen BSD licensing mentioned so far.

Update: Poop. It’s just the translations. The operating system itself is a Linux 2.4 kernel.

Reflections/Projections and more links

The (student) Association for Computing Machinery at the University of Illinois is holding their annual Reflections/Projections conference this weekend.  It has the usual technical presentations about 3D rendering, system automation, and the like.  However, it also has a good amount of BSD content.  There’s an executive from Wind River Systems, which has had some history with FreeBSD, an OpenBSD presentation, and two cartoonists – Randall Munroe, of xkcd fame, and Phil & Kaja Foglio who create, among other things, Girl Genius.  Phil Foglio happens to be the original artist who drew the BSD daemon.

HAMMER design document posted

Matthew Dillon is starting to commit parts of his HAMMER file system work; he anticipates it being available in beta form by the 2.0 release at the end of this year. He posted a design document, describing how it should work. Some highlights from my reading of it:

  • Maximum size: half an exabyte
  • Infinite snapshots, limited only by retention policy
  • Streaming backups
  • Asynchronous transactional support – no long fscks to check disk state

(Someone correct me if I’m summarizing inaccurately.) Some details from the ensuing discussion include comparisons with ZFS, RAID, and backups. KernelTrap also has a nice summary.