Jun-ichiro "itojun" Itoh Hagino died on October 29th - a surprise and shock to many. Itojun was a major force behind IPv6 support in all the BSDs, and well-known for his patience and skill. Notes are showing up with more information here, here, and here. (Thanks, Hasso.)
Dmitry Komissaroff has done his own port of the bluetooth stack from NetBSD to DragonFly; check his early version out if you have suggestions, as he's still working on some of the devices involved.
A recent PDF of an "About FreeBSD 7" presentation by Kris Kennaway includes DragonFly 1.8 results in some of its graphs. The graphs show results with sysbench and MySQL/PostgresSQL - unfortunately, DragonFly performance is still comparable to FreeBSD 4 because of the presence of the Giant Lock. (Thanks, Pieter Dumon)
MeetBSD is happening in about a month in Warsaw, Poland - registration is open now. (Via.)  There's already a good slate of speakers lined up.
There's a pkgsrc hackathon coming up on November 3rd-4th - check the wiki page for more details.  As with previous hackathons, communication is over IRC, so participation can be from anywhere.
Andrew Atrens has a whole port of netgraph, including Bluetooth, waiting for integration. The Bluetooth part needs more work, but it is otherwise complete.
Hubert Feyrer found "T2", a Linux-based third-party software compilation system that can cross-compile for multiple targets. He's offering a small bounty (along with some others) for anyone who can get pkgsrc to accomplish the same level of cross-compilation as T2 within 6 months.
I've completed a build of the most recent quarterly version (2007Q3) of pkgsrc, and the files are present on pkgbox.dragonflybsd.org.  You can read a report of what did and did not build at the same site.
The FreeBSD Foundation is auctioning the first copy of the second edition of Michael Lucas's "Absolute FreeBSD".  While you may not want to participate in the auction, I've read the first edition, and it's a very enjoyable book.
I missed the actual event, but this Digest reached over 1,000 comments recently - thanks to the folks that read and give feedback. The 1,000th comment was on the 1.10.1 release post. Incidentally, there's close to 2,500 posted news items here, since August 2003.
It's the 10 year anniversary of pkgsrc, and to celebrate, netbsd.org has a page with some history and a large variety of interviews with various people involved with it in one way or another, including folks in other BSD projects that were influenced by this work. (Thanks, Joerg Sonnenberger and Mark Weinem for the heads-up)
Man, BSDTalk's been on a roll lately. There's a 7-minute update on OpenCon 2007 with Marc Balmer, in BSDTalk 133.
In a conversation about porting Bluetooth support from another BSD, Hasso Tepper posted his summary of the state of the stacks in FreeBSD and NetBSD.