Vkernel progress

Matthew Dillon has posted a list of what remains on his virtual kernel work, along with the news that it can partially boot – see his post for the progress.  It should be ready shortly after the next release.  If you want to help, one of the needed things is a virtual network interface, perhaps similar to Qemu’s tap.

Rsyncing src

A few of the mirrors out there have DragonFly source available through rsync; Peter Avalos describes the correct command to retrieve it from theshell.com.  (Note: read that post for details before trying it yourself.)

Kernel and the egg

One of the eternal chicken-and-egg problems is kernel modification.  Sometimes, a freshly installed system requires a different kernel, but you can’t download the source to build that new kernel until those changes are made.  However, kernel source will be included with the 1.8 release, so this should theoretically not be a problem.