Buncha 1.4 stuff

I have a lot of little items mostly about the 1.4 transistion, so I’m just going to dump them all out:

* There’s a 1.4 cvsup file that will track the 1.4 release. This will be in the 1.2 release too, as soon as I figure out how, or someone tells me how to commit to a tag.

* the ‘.sh’ suffix requirement for rc scripts is dropped from 1.4 onward; this may happen to 1.4 too. This is needed for some pkgsrc scripts that do not end in .sh.

* cvsup is going to be replaced , one way or another.

* DragonFly will never be binary-compatible with FreeBSD 5+.

* Please, won’t somebody fix rcorder?

dragonflybsd.org power issues

dragonflybsd.org will be down temporarily; I’m pasting Matthew Dillon’s mailing list message below as it’s silly to link to a message about downtime on the site that’s going down:

There was a lot of lightning last night and then a small explosion outside that sounded like the transformer on the telephone poll. Then the lights starts to flicker continuously and the UPS started clicking in and out and… well, I decided to shut everything down overnight :-)

There will probably be some more downtime tonight. I have a UPS monitor but I never hooked up the client/server feature that shuts down all related machines automatically if power isn’t restored in 20 minutes. I am going to get that working properly tonight.

Oh hell. Power just failed again. I’m gonna probably have to shut things down again soon :-(

What is wip, eh?

A contributor over at the #NetBSD Community Blog called me out on my errors. I corrected my goof on CGD, but I need someone to explain what the difference between pkgsrc and pkgsrc-wip is. I know one’s a “work in progress”, but that doesn’t answer what the relationship is between the two, or how pacakges may move between them. I’m calling you smarty-pants out on the rug now – I want you to answer what 30 seconds of web surfing has not!

pkgsrc-wip available

If you have an account on leaf.dragonflybsd.org, the pkgsrc-wip code is available at /archive/NetBSD-pkgsrc/wip or /usr/pkgsrc/wip. (softlink)

pkgsrc-wip, as I understand it – see comments, is the current version of pkgsrc. pkgsrc is normally released with new versions on a quarterly basis; following pkgsrc-wip gets the Work In Progress version. Less stable, more up to date.

OpenBSD ssh-only installer

Here’s something interesting: there’s an installer for OpenBSD called “YaifO“, which requires only SSH to work – no keyboard or serial access needed. Of course, there’s no binary, no docs, and no way to do it on a multiboot system… but the concept’s neat.