If you've only ever used to 'shutdown -h now' to halt a machine, Sepherosa Ziehau reminds that 'shutdown -p now' is the way to get the server powered off.
Joseph Garcia got to fight with tftp on DragonFly; he wrote down the rather torturous procedure he had to follow, which may help anyone else with a Cisco router that needs to be configured.
Matthew Dillon has added some sysctls that can help secure your machine; the commit message for both contains a more in-depth explanation.
It's rather quiet lately... Why not spend some time clicking Hubert's links?
SANE 2006 will be held in May of next year; the initial call for papers is out. SANE = "System Administration and Network Engineering", if you didn't know.
Rob D. posted a link to a page that describes problems with MD5, a hashing algorithm.
Jeremy Reed found that there are some tricks to building world in a jail.
Reader LabThug helpfully pointed out that the blog at http://opensource.weblogsinc.com/ has been talking about the events at NYCBSDCON. Oh, I'm kicking myself for not going. Of special interest to readers here is a writeup on Jeffrey Hsu's DragonFly talk.
Any readers go to NYCBSDCON? How was the event?
Emiel Kollof pointed out that Mustang is going to be the next release of Java; we have a chance to get some support for DragonFly in now.
Sepherosa Ziehau has added support for RealTek RTL8150 USB ethernet devices; taken in part from FreeBSD's version.