KDE Bug prominence

Emiel Kollof has posted bug 89544 for KDE 3.3.3, for getting KDE to compile on DragonFly. It may be worthwhile to register on KDE’s Bugzilla and vote for that bug, so that it gets “on the radar”.

Update: There’s related bug 89577 too.

Update update: Joerg Sonnenberger noted (see bug report linked above) that the DragonFly code can be changed to make this work, though the Single Unix Specification implies that the problem is with where KDE is looking. Quote below:
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Axe(4) grinding

Joerg Sonnenberger has commited a whole pile of updates to various network drivers, among them axe(4). He warns that anyone with a axe(4) device should give it a whirl, as the driver is untested at this point.

Finding the BGL

ps (from Matthew Dillon’s recent change) is now able to show which processes are and are not holding the “Big Giant Lock”, a symptom of multiprocessor use inherited from FreeBSD.

If you aren’t familiar with the BGL, Greg Lehey wrote a good explanation in Daemonnews. (look for the section labeled “The SMP Problem”)