Matthew Dillon wrote that the DragonFly_Stable tag is being moved up to the current code, as his potentially destabilizing VFS work is going to be going into the tree, starting tomorrow. The moral: if you have production or near-production machines, stick with the stable tag, for now.
If your buildworld chokes on a nonexistent authpf group, read this note from Matthew Dillon.
The recent move to non-GNU patch(1) can cause some trouble building ports. Andreas Hauser has a patch to that will fix it until the change can be added "upstream" in the FreeBSD ports collection.
Joerg Sonnenberger has switched the DragonFly version of patch(1) from the GNU version to the BSD-licensed version.
Matthew Dillon warned that the namecache work (stage 6 is committed) may destabilize the system somewhat while it is in flux; crashes may happen, though data should be generally safe. Use the DragonFly_Stable tag in your supfile if this is a problem and you'd like to upgrade...
Matthew Dillon gave an answer on the kernel@ list to Magnus Eriksson's timer question; explaining in the process why DragonFly uses a different timer process than FreeBSD.
Emiel Kollof has posted a patch fixing the NVIDIA binary video driver override; this still does not provide Linuxulator support, but it should otherwise work.
Matthew Dillon's started work on the new namespace/lookup API - he lists this as "step 5/99".
The new users@ list was not forwarding to mail correctly; it was showing up via news and the archive correctly, but not necessarily in anyone's inbox. It's been let loose.
Joerg Sonnenberger posted a note that code added to the project should meet a certain level of WARNS cleanness.
Hidetoshi Shimokawa apparently has commit access for DragonFly and has been adding various parts of FireWire support.
Matthew Dillon cooked a computer recently. It was a backup machine, so no public data was lost.
Joerg Sonnenberger has added a new timer method, for those who are seeing the "high-speed clock" problem:
"Add a new option "TIMER_USE_1", which allows switching the primary heartbeat from i8254 timer 2 to timer 1. This also reactivates the console beep if TIMER_USE_1 is active."
It's "OPTIONS TIMER_USE_1" in your kernel config, if you want to build a kernel that uses this.
Eirik Nygaard has added KTR, for logging kernel events, to aid debugging.
This LinuxInsider article about alternative operating systems namechecks DragonFly, though it doesn't do much more.
Joerg Sonnenberger announced the commit of PF to DragonFly. Credit is due to, well, a whole slew of people that did this. ALTQ and CARP are not yet supported, to my knowledge.
Matthew Dillon has committed BSD-licensed versions of bc and dc, ported from OpenBSD by Sascha Wildner.