Java rumors

Sun is reportedly thinking about open-sourcing Java. There’s no timeline or specific commitment, so it all could be rumors. While Java for FreeBSD works on DragonFly (or so I’ve heard), it’d be nice to have it work officially, without jumping through license hoops.

Doc to do

Thomas Belian made a post to asking if a translation of the documentation to German would help. I made a reply that is probably worth repeating:

“It would be nice to have; you may want to wait until the documentation is more “settled”, probably after the 1.0 release. If you’d like to write original documentation, that would help too, and that can be done right

We could use an extended section on networking setup, and a section on ports. If you check out the cvs target ‘doc‘, you can base it off the files there. Specifically, copy one of the chapter.sgml files in a directory under /doc/en/books/userguide/ and start working. If you are unfamiliar with the markup, you can read up on it at

Ports link, refreshed

Discussion of an improved/replaced ‘ports’ system ran on for a bit on dragonfly.kernel, and Eirik Nygaard reposted an important link: Simon ‘corecode’ Schubert’s extensive writeup.

(Watch for subtle hint!) It’s good enough to serve as a task outline for anyone contemplating ports work. (end hint)