The DragonFly Installer is now at version RC1.002. This version now better handles canceling an action, creates a /proc mountpoint, and does a better job of autoguessing partition size.
David Rhodus has announced Crescent Anchor, a company selling SilverOS, based on DragonFly. If you are an experienced C programmer looking for work, you may want to see this job link on the FreeBSD Jobs mailing list.
Matt Dillon posted an announcement about 1.0RC1 last night on the kernel mailing list; it contins some important notes about ACPI.
The DragonFlyBSD LiveCD is at version 0.3. It was 1.2 previously, so I assume the major number was dropped to emphasize that it's not released yet. What's new? I don't know, as I haven't been in #dfinstaller (on EFNet) this weekend.
'walt' found out that if you switch from GCC 2 to GCC 3 (and probably vice versa), libtool needs to be rebuilt.
Matt Dillon has enabled the SIO FIFO (1655x) (don't ask me what that is...) to reduce latency when that little spinning / | \ - bar thing runs during inital boot. I note this just so I can say: "DragonFly - we even twiddle fast."
If you're building world and you see errors on named, do these steps as described by Matt Dillon: Run cvsup cd /usr/src/usr.sbin rm -rf named cvs update named Matt describes in a separate post how the -Pd options to cvs updates can prune and create directories as needed.
As Erik P. Skaalerud pointed out in the bugs list, there's been a lot of source changes lately. If you encounter an error when doing a buildworld/buildkernel, update your sources and try again. A number of people have managed to fall right inbetween updates lately.
Hiten Pandya and Matt Dillon have put together a debug script area for the kernel. Pasted here is Hiten's commit message. (more…)
I've committed the initial "port" of the FreeBSD Handbook into the doc repository. It's not yet built into the site, but you can see a test version at Anyone who wants to add/rewrite a section is strongly encouraged - send it to the submit 'at' mailing list.
The ISO on the DragonFly download page has been updated. This version has an an updated ATA driver, and some other patches that are not yet part of the normal codebase, in an effort to help out some folks that have been reporting installation difficulty.
Beta 1.2a, released as of Fri Jun 23 13:30:40 GMT 2004.