Debugging options

Matt Dillon noted that:

makeoptions DEBUG=-g
options DDB

are the only options you need when building with debugging options on.

3 Replies to “Debugging options”

  1. “…are the only debugging options you need when building”

    Correction, they are NOT required when building, but he feels that they are the only options generally required to get useful debugging information from the kernel (as in using more is kind of overkill).

  2. This is one example of the very few things that I dislike about BSD.

    Reading through LINT, I notice that “options INVARIANTS” requires “options INVARIANT_SUPPORT” to function, and that “options INVARIANT_SUPPORT” does nothing without “options INVARIANTS”.

    Why is this (and others like it) not one option? “FFS” and FFS_ROOT” also comes to mind.

    Perhaps I’m just missing something that would be obvious to someone who isn’t a poor clueless newbie…

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