Month: December 2005

January release for 1.4

Matthew Dillon is planning for a January release for 1.4; while a good number of bugs have been found and squashed, there’s still a problem with network interface removal that needs to be fixed before release. However, a second release candidate will be assembled tonight.

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Bad dump

Better hope I’m talking about dump(8), eh? YONETANI Tomokazu found a problem in the way dump files were created after some changes were made in 1.3 development; the problem’s been fixed, but be warned: dumps from that time period won’t be compatible.

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Buncha 1.4 stuff

I have a lot of little items mostly about the 1.4 transistion, so I’m just going to dump them all out:

* There’s a 1.4 cvsup file that will track the 1.4 release. This will be in the 1.2 release too, as soon as I figure out how, or someone tells me how to commit to a tag.

* the ‘.sh’ suffix requirement for rc scripts is dropped from 1.4 onward; this may happen to 1.4 too. This is needed for some pkgsrc scripts that do not end in .sh.

* cvsup is going to be replaced , one way or another.

* DragonFly will never be binary-compatible with FreeBSD 5+.

* Please, won’t somebody fix rcorder?

Posted by     Categories: Goings-on     0 Comments power issues will be down temporarily; I’m pasting Matthew Dillon’s mailing list message below as it’s silly to link to a message about downtime on the site that’s going down:

There was a lot of lightning last night and then a small explosion outside that sounded like the transformer on the telephone poll. Then the lights starts to flicker continuously and the UPS started clicking in and out and… well, I decided to shut everything down overnight :-)

There will probably be some more downtime tonight. I have a UPS monitor but I never hooked up the client/server feature that shuts down all related machines automatically if power isn’t restored in 20 minutes. I am going to get that working properly tonight.

Oh hell. Power just failed again. I’m gonna probably have to shut things down again soon :-(

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What is wip, eh?

A contributor over at the #NetBSD Community Blog called me out on my errors. I corrected my goof on CGD, but I need someone to explain what the difference between pkgsrc and pkgsrc-wip is. I know one’s a “work in progress”, but that doesn’t answer what the relationship is between the two, or how pacakges may move between them. I’m calling you smarty-pants out on the rug now – I want you to answer what 30 seconds of web surfing has not!

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Stop the Madness!

“Ed” posted a quote about STM – Software Transactional Memory – where memory usage in a multiprocessor situation is treated in a similar fashion to the way transactions are used in a database. Matthew Dillon wrote a lengthy response describing how DragonFly matches or improves on that system.

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Upgrading to 1.4 note

You may need to update your $PATH for pkgsrc when moving to 1.4, as the upgrade doesn’t necessarily change it for you. Fresh installs will be fine, however.

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Money money money has the “2004-2005 Annual SAGE Salary Survey” available on their site; skim it and look for your salary range.

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DragonFly BSD 1.4 RC1 available.

The first release canidate for 1.4 is available now. A changelist will be available after Christmas Day, with the official release following.

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NetBSD 3 released

‘Tis the season for new releases, as NetBSD 3.0 is out.

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Bulk pkgsrc report

How’s Joerg Sonneberger’s bulk builds of pkgsrc for DragonFly going? It’s like this. The relevant stats for those too impatient to read: 4,269 packages built out of 5,742 (75% success rate).

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BSD Installer at 2.0

The BSD Installer is at version 2.0; this is not yet (I think) the version included with DragonFly BSD. The web page isn’t updated yet, but it’s downloadable. Note that the download is just the installer, without an operating system to install.

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1.5 branched off in CVS

1.5 is now going to be the Experimental version of DragonFly BSD (or HEAD for people used to FreeBSD); see the commit.

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pkgsrc-wip available

If you have an account on, the pkgsrc-wip code is available at /archive/NetBSD-pkgsrc/wip or /usr/pkgsrc/wip. (softlink)

pkgsrc-wip, as I understand it – see comments, is the current version of pkgsrc. pkgsrc is normally released with new versions on a quarterly basis; following pkgsrc-wip gets the Work In Progress version. Less stable, more up to date.

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Release prep

As the final changes for the 1.4 release go in, Matthew Dillon describes the release plans as such:

I’ll be rolling the release branch thursday evening and start playing around with version numbers and release tags and such!

The official release will not occur until a day or two after Christmas.

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OnLAMP: Encrypted Disk

OnLAMP has an interview with Roland Dowdeswell, author of CGD (“Crypto-Graphic Disk”) for NetBSD. CGD is an interesting disk driver that encrypts (and decrypts) disk data.

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History in terms of source

Joseph Garcia has added a commit history to his DragonFly BSD wiki page. It’s a nice summation of major code changes.

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Recent builds and also bridging

If you’re running the experimental branch of DragonFly code and you (re)built your system in the last 12 hours, Simon ‘corecode’ Schubert has a quick fix for a typo that was present during that time.

Also, Simon has set up bridging between network cards, and posted instructions on how to set it up.

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Among other things, has a review of “Routing TCP/IP, Volume I, Second Edition”, and an interesting article called “Forensic Tools in Court“.

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OpenBSD ssh-only installer

Here’s something interesting: there’s an installer for OpenBSD called “YaifO“, which requires only SSH to work – no keyboard or serial access needed. Of course, there’s no binary, no docs, and no way to do it on a multiboot system… but the concept’s neat.

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BayLISA slides up

Matthew Dillon has placed the slides from his recent presentation at BayLISA on the DragonFlyBSD website; his post describes some details about the content there.

Going by Jennifer Davis’s comment, video of the event should be on in January.

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Mercurial conversion and a new feed

If you’re wondering how Simon ‘corecode’ Schubert made a Mercurial version of the DragonFly source code, check his recent post that links to his script.

Incidentally, browsing to will give you a list of recent source changes that have been picked up by the Mercurial repo. Even better: it comes as an RSS feed!

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Of 1.4 and 1.5

Matthew Dillon has posted a description of what remains to be accomplished before the 1.4 release, and just when that will happen, and he also has a detailed plan of what he’s going to do in 1.5. (Which, when stable, will be DragonFly 1.6.)

That second post contains several special things to note:

  • 1.5 will be significantly unstable (at least compared to the previous development versions), so stick with 1.4 for a while if you don’t want trouble.
  • The introduction of a new acronym that I daresay we will hear more and more often: cache coherency management system (CCMS).
  • ZFS! (See Flash demo)

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DMA tips

This post from Joerg Sonnenberger notes a couple tricks about getting the most out of your ATA bus.

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Branching, then release

Matthew Dillon described his schedule for the upcoming 1.4 release, coming before the end of the year.

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New Sys Admin CD out

Sys Admin Magazine has a new CD out that contains all issues of their magazine (1992 through 2005) and all the issues of The Perl Journal (1996-2002). I think I have all the paper issues of the Perl Journal around here someplace…

If you like Perl and miss the Journal, there’s also The Perl Review, which can show up in both print and PDF form. I like the paper, but I can back up the PDF…

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Donation for certification is looking for donations. Given how much work they’ve already put into the process, it certainly seems a good idea to support. (Thanks, hubertf)

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Last-minute jewelry is closing down, and having a final sale of their goods. Included in that is various Beastie statues and BSD case badges. (Thanks, hubertf)

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pf examples

Simon ‘corecode’ Schubert has added example pf configs — just in case you need them.

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Spare time testing

Want a project for your winter vacation? Matthew Dillon wrote in a post that I don’t have a link for:

I would still like to have a regression suite that can be run with a simple ‘make DESTDIR=(some_place_with_lots_of_space_available)‘. It would be a good project for someone.

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Matthew Dillon talking in Cupertino

BayLISA has Matthew Dillon giving a short presentation on DragonFly. This is on the Apple campus in Cupertino, California, so some of you west coasters can see this. Apparently he’ll have some good statistics to report.

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Very close to 1.4 now

Joerg Sonnenberger has modified nrelease, the release-building setup on DragonFly, to use pkgsrc. That’s the last major step before the next release.

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Sincere flattery

Wiger van Houten passed along a link to the FreeBSD projects and ideas page. There’s some projects there that would be useful for DragonFly, and also there are a number of ideas there from DragonFly.

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22C3 to be

Are you going to 22C3? That’s the 22nd Chaos Communications Congress, a hacker convention in Europe, if you aren’t familiar with the acronym. Sascha, corecode, and Andreas are going.

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Sascha Wildner will soon be (mostly?) completing the last of the changes from K&R to ANSI style C in the DragonFly source tree – not glamourous, but certainly good.

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CVS updated, and release next week!

Simon ‘corecode’ Schubert (who has been very active with the commits lately) added CVS version 1.12.13. He noticed some troubles, though, but this version of CVS is staying for now. Matthew Dillon counseled some changes, and also noted that the upcoming DragonFly 1.4 release is next week. Next week!

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Just in case…

The bugs page on the DragonFlyBSD website has been updated with a security officer(s) address, on the off chance a security issue is found and a confidential contact is needed.

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pkgsrc set for next release

Matthew Dillon commited changes to make the next release require pkgsrc.

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Mercurial version of source out

Simon ‘corecode’ Schubert has put together a Mercurial repo of the DragonFly source code, for those who like their SCMs decentralized.

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Off-topic: hardware as a software add-on

This doesn’t directly have anything to do with DragonFly, but it’s interesting: Sun is offering an Ultra 20 workstation free with a 3-year subscription to the services they offer. Those services cost $360 a year (which is how it’s billed, not monhly like they say), so it’s about $1K for the computer.

It’s certainly neat; while you could assemble a similar machine for close to a third of the price from off-the-shelf parts, it wouldn’t have the support, or run nearly as well. In terms of units, Sun is the second-largest Unix vendor around (here’s the first), and the biggest when it comes to server systems, as far as I know. If I worked with more Solaris machines, or more with Java, it would be an attractive offer. (First seen on The Howling Void.)

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Cheesy pkgsrc update tracker

I took my own advice and made a little experiment: a cheesy status page for Joerg Sonnenberger’s pkgsrc binary site. The page lists the update time, in descending order, for all the packages on the site. (and links to them too.) Could it be better? Yep.

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Oh thank goodness

The default “Waiting for SCSI devices to settle” delay has been reduced to 5 seconds.

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OpenSSL updated

Simon ‘corecode’ Schubert has brought OpenSSL up to version 0.98a.

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Mini-survey for DragonFly

Jeremy C. Reed is writing an article, and he’s taking a survey of DragonFly users.

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Pileup: pkgsrc, cable hell, and crash autoreports

I have a number of small posts to link, and I’m placing them in one article: First, Joerg Sonnenberger mentions that he is updating his pkgsrc binary collection on an ad-hoc basis, though not everything is there yet. (Tracking updates is an afternoon project that would be enourmously beneficial, if anyone wants to try it…)

Also, Bob Bagwill contributed his own description of How Cabling Should Be. Last, Hiten Pandya commented on the idea of automatic crash reports, much like the “Feedback Agents” that upload crash information on the Windows platform.

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