While noting that he has made a number of changes to the scheduler, Matt Dillon described a new tool called ‘wmake’. wmake allows you to run make in a subdirectory simulating a buildworld environment, without actually having to build world.

(quoted from his post, using libkvm for an example:)
cd /usr/lib/libkvm
wmake obj
make install

Bootsplash loader and gzip

Emiel Kollof noted that it would be nice if the splash screen loaders could read gzipped files, so that any splash screens could be stored in a compressed format and still used. Hiten Pandya pointed at kern/imgact_gzip.c and boot/i386/kgzldr/boot.c for examples, if anyone wants to tackle this project.

/bin/sh fixed

/bin/sh had a big introduced recently that would make it crash when booting with a new world. It’s been fixed, so recompile /bin/sh with updated sources when possible.

Installing from source

I wrote down the explicit steps I used to get a DragonFly machine running and up-to-date; I’m including them here for the benefit of others. This was working as of mid-September.

** Updated December 2003; silly typos.

** Update February 2004: This guide was written using FreeBSD 4.8 as a guide; it may break. There is a guide page on dragonflybsd.org that talks about upgrading from FreeBSD 4.9.
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