Andre Nathan submitted (and Matt Dillon committed) a change for route from NetBSD/OpenBSD that a ‘route show‘ command, which performs nearly the same as netstat -rn. Matt Dillon also added a -w option so that all columns would print full size.

Less jerky, more nice

Among other source changes today, Matt Dillon made a change to the way priority is set for new processes, which should fix what he calls the ‘jerky X pointer’ problem. He also fixed the systimer in such a way that nice now actually works. The result is that your DragonFly system should now be even more responsive under heavy load.

Interface renaming complete

Hiten Pandya has finished the if_xname work; you can now do:

# ifconfig fxp0 name 'LAN'
# ifconfig fxp1 name 'WAN'

And then refer to these network interfaces by the ‘LAN’ and ‘WAN’ names. These are aliases, not changed names, so the original names – fxp0 and fxp1 in this example – will still exist.

NFS faster

Matt Dillon has committed code that increases the default socket buffer for NFS to
65535 bytes. This can be changed with the sysctl ‘vfs.nfs.soreserve’. This should improve performance.

Cleaning out

Perl is no longer required for building a i386 kernel, thanks to Eirik Nygaard. It may also not be required for other platforms, but it’s only been tested on i386 as of right now.

ProPolice and gcc3

If you update your sources and compile using gcc3, it now includes stack smashing protection, committed by Joerg Sonnenberger. Compiling using gcc2 already includes that protection.

Better history

Aaron Malone submitted (and Hiten Pandya committed) a whole lot of man page changes to account for changes from FreeBSD to DragonFly in system name but not history. Specifically, the HISTORY sections. It’s not glamorous, but it’s good to do it.


If you now set mixer_enable="YES" in rc.conf, your mixer settings will get saved, thanks to ibotty’s idea and Joerg Sonnenberger’s commit.

(I’m writing this without trying it, but that’s how I read it…)

ACPI added

Matt Dillon has brought in the December 2003 release of ACPI (acpica-unix-20031203) from Intel. The old code is still what’s on by default, as the new code builds but does not yet work.

SATA support, sorta

Matt Dillon’s added experimental support for the Silicon Image 3512 SATA controller.

Incidentally, credit goes to David Rhodus for generating the base patch for all the ATAng work committed by Matt Dillon yesterday.

ATAng added

Matt Dillon has brought in ATAng from FreeBSD 4 except for “the dma chipset changes and the busdma changes”, while retaining the apparently better DragonFly MPIPE version.