5 Replies to “DragonFly 6.2 tagged”

  1. BSDfan says:

    Cool! Will packages be based on 2022Q1 branch?

  2. Not right at release, I think, just because of timing. But probably shortly after.

  3. Jyrki says:

    Is UFS2 going to be supported at any time? I understand we have HAMMER and HAMMER2 that are superior to it by far but for compatibility, file sharing whilie dual booting it would be great to have it.

  4. It’s possible it could be supported, but someone with filesystem experience and a need for UFS2 on DragonFly would have to get involved. There’s nobody working on it right now.

    That’s the necessary ingredient – someone with the time and interest. Could be you?

  5. Jyrki says:

    it’s a shame, I don’ t have experience.

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