Why Ravenports?

Eerielinux has a new Ravenports article: Ravenports explained: Why not just join XYZ? I am linking it now because it’s DragonFly related, but it does touch on all the BSDs. It reviews the reasons for Ravenports – and its competitive advantages, if you look at it a certain way. It’s a followup to the Ravenports update and review linked here previously.

One Reply to “Why Ravenports?”

  1. mer says:

    Ports and packages and building and management there of.
    Non trivial to say the least.
    Pick any reasonably complex port in the BSD ecosystem. Look at the config options for them.
    “You want ALSA, SNDIO, PulseAudio backend?”
    Now look at config options for everything related to that choice.

    No wonder it takes days to rebuild packages after a ports tree update.


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