DragonFly 5.4, soon

We’re overdue for 5.4 to be released.  New releases are due every 6 months; I lost track!  I plan to work on tagging and building over the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday later this week.

6 Replies to “DragonFly 5.4, soon”

  1. So who decides when a new release is to be mad? You Justin or Matt?

  2. I guess Matt decides if he’s mad and Justin decides if it’s made (the new release).

  3. How does the release cycle for Dfly work?

    Is it simply whatever is in the git repo 6 months from now?

  4. Yep – DragonFly-current gets tagged with the release number, and that becomes the release. Bleeding-edge DragonFly tends to run very stably in general, so it’s an easy transition.

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