5 Replies to “Locking microtests”

  1. These are the kind of changes that at first glance look like microoptimizations, BUT then you read and think about the details (like vfs and vnodes). Reducing lock contention across multiple consumers is always a good thing.

    I know Matt and the rest have done a lot of changes down further, it’d be interesting to see how well this applies to FreeBSD and the rest of the family.

    Very nice work.

  2. How does Matt make a living?

    Does the company he work for use Dfly – which allows him the time to continue working on Dfly daily?

  3. @mer

    Pretty sure DF SMP is at a superior level to all other BSDs since like 2012. At least I haven’t seen any benchmarks to prove otherwise.

  4. Matt is independently wealthy from running businesses earlier in his life as an entrepreneur that he was quite successful with and retired from. There is no corporate sponsor of Dfly, it’s entirely a community of brilliant people that (mostly) get along and work with each other very well.

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