14 Replies to “DragonFly 5 release candidate”

  1. May Dragonfly 5.0 be more stable than FreeBSD 5.0 :)

    Joking aside. Really looking forward to this release.

  2. Many thanks to all contributors. Especially Sepherosa who leads the charge with the most commits :)

  3. Wow.!!!

    5.0 release and Hammer2.

    I’m surprised there isn’t more comments in this thread.

  4. I’m confused. It was announced by Matthew Dillon on the mailing list on Aug 18, that the next release would only have experimental H2 support and not have an installation option in the installer for it, which was only announced on Sep 11 for an upcoming 5.0 release. So I thought, that release announced in August for “some time in September” would be another 4.x release. Has that been skipped?

  5. No, it was 5.0 from the beginning. At first H2 was thought too experimental to allow as an installation option. However, it has become stable enough so the initial decision was changed and it will be an installation option in DragonFly 5.0.

  6. Can someone provide an overview of high level (major changes)?

    Seems like:
    – hammer2
    – networking can use non powers-of-2 rings
    – anything else major?

  7. Would be nice if 5.0 was released on Monday in conjunction with Canadian Thanksgiving.

  8. If this would somehow have radeon support in it, I would totally switch over from Linux.

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