DragonFly 4.4-RC image for download

The release candidate for DragonFly 4.4 is built and available for download.  The main site has it as an ISO or IMG file, and the mirrors should have it soon if not already.

Here’s a question I need feedback on: if we compressed these images using xz instead of bzip2 – would that inconvenience you?

6 Replies to “DragonFly 4.4-RC image for download”

  1. Wouldn’t inconvenience anyone I know to use xz. The only inconvenience is extra processor power used in the compression time, but that’s your end.

  2. xz decompresses faster than bzip2 unless one is using multi-threaded decompression from bzip2.

  3. As somebody just passing by and trying out the RC for fun, my answer should be taken with a grain of salt. But xz is fine for me.

  4. xz doesn’t bother me. Somewhere to download an uncompressed ISO would be very useful for using VPS’s like Vultr which let you use arbitrary ISOs, and will fetch the ISO for you given a URL.

    Last I tried, it refused to handle anything other than a plain ISO, and downloading and reuploading would take forever. I used my previous VPS to wget/extract/mirror it, but that’s a lot of friction.

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