Lazy Reading for 2015/09/13

This week just sorta blew up with the links.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: Wonderella, a consistently funny superhero parody.  As an added bonus, the author apparently can’t stop making (non-comic) one-liner jokes, so he stuffs them all in his Twitter feed instead of the usual case of Twitter as promotional tool.

5 Replies to “Lazy Reading for 2015/09/13”

  1. It’s “Ada”, not “ADA”. Ada is the first name of Ms. Lovelace.

  2. I copied and pasted the title from the person talking about it – though looking at the exhibition page, IT should be all caps instead. Fixed.

  3. In fact, Endless Sky can be built under DragonFly BSD. Set several environment variables like CCVER, CXXFLAGS, LDFLAGS, install openal-soft and a few other ports, build libjpeg-turbo from sources and done!

    I play this game now:) The only problem with the sound, but then I’m no expert.

  4. What’s the problem – no sound at all? Does that computer have working audio normally?

    If audio works in general, it might be that the game, or its sound library, needs to know the correct output channel.

    If sound doesn’t work in general, the only answer I have is the basic one – kldload sound.ko, I think it is, and look at what .ko gets loaded.

  5. I was wrong — there are sounds in the game, but there are only about 20, and these are mainly the sounds of battle. There is no background music, so I could not hear anything at the beginning of the story :)

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