No more hostapd

hostapd, for creating a wireless access point, has been included in DragonFly along with wpa_supplicant, for a long time.  Like wpa_supplicant, there’s a version in dports that is the latest version and is easier to update (e.g. no system update required to get a newer version.)  Unlike wpa_supplicant, there’s no chicken-and-egg installation problem if it’s not in the base system – so out it goes.

2 Replies to “No more hostapd”

  1. Lars Schotte says:

    Good, now the question is why did ppl move in so much software first only to throw it out later. OpenBSD and its version of Apache 1.3 was a popular one. No one ever used it and it was thrown out eventually.

  2. In this specific case, hostapd and wpa_supplicant came I think from the same source, so they were imported together.

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