9 Replies to “Backlights, improvements for your i915”

  1. Bruno says:

    I’m interested to use DF, do you know when the next release is planned to out?

  2. FAndrey says:

    Do you support 3D-acceleration for intel Haswell?

  3. Bruno – current release is 4.0.1. I’ll be rolling 4.0.2 probably tomorrow. The next major release will be in about 5 months – we do a release every 6 months.

    FAndrey – yes. I don’t have anything with Haswell chips to make sure, myself. If you have a Haswell-based system you can test on, you can download the install ISO/IMG files for DragonFly. It will boot a ‘live’ system without disturbing your hard drive (unless you run the installer, of course) and you can see how it works. You should be able to get 3D up as a test using a live image, I think. Haven’t done it myself so the normal warnings apply.

  4. Mehmet Erol Sanliturk says:

    Will there be GUI .iso files ?

    Some weeks ago , I have tried KDE . I did not work well .
    I have switched to FluxBox .
    Within FluxBox , many KDE programs ( Dolphin , Kwrite , etc. ) worked very well .

    Thank you very much .

    Mehmet Erol Sanliturk

  5. FAndrey says:

    Well, waiting for the next snapshot and try to run it on the i5-4570

  6. FAndrey says:

    I tried here posted logs http://bsdnir.info/files/dfly/
    Xorg – started and run, however, by default, after the start, why then the screen shows just a ripple, kill -HUP 1 (over ssh) and xdm start correctly.
    Escape in phisical console ctrl+alt+1…7 not work, disable monitor :(

  7. Your xorg error log says:

    [ 3699.985] (II) config/devd: device /dev/ums0 already opened
    [ 3699.986] (EE) config/devd: fail to connect to devd
    [ 3699.986] [config] failed to initialise devd

    Maybe it’s bombing out when it can’t find a mouse? Try dumping out a config file with X -configure > /root/xorg.conf.new (as root) and then editing it – change the line for mouse to something else. It’s probably guessing /dev/sysmouse when it should be /dev/ums0.

    That’s a guess, of course.

  8. FAndrey says:

    This is a minor :)
    I have long been used without the X configuration file, like this time, the mouse works correctly in spite of this message.

  9. FAndrey, if you’re still reading – put

    moused_enable=”YES” in /etc/rc.conf

    and do

    /etc/rc.d/moused start

    That fixed mouse problems for Varialus on #dragonflybsd. Dunno if it will work for you, but it’s worth trying.

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