Mailing list archives update note

The mailing list archives for DragonFly ( have been moved to new hardware.  (Yay!)  The patch that actually shows date in the listings needs to reapplied, cause Mailman is somewhat stale.  (Boo!)  I applied the patch and I’m regenerating all the archives now.  (Yay!)  There’s some garbled messages in the archives that cause a bunch of “no subject” partial messages to be dumped at the end.  (Boo!)  I’ll manually fix them if I can, someday.  (Yay?)

2 Replies to “Mailing list archives update note”

  1. Thomas Nikolajsen says:

    This is all dandy; but old mail archive system wasn’t moved to new machine, which is a pity as it had much better format: date sorted list was with newest at top, and replies uses Re:. Alas, this was to be expected; but fixing new mail archive to make format as nice as old would be nice!

  2. Mailman isn’t as flexible as I’d like. I have a patch to add the dates to the listings, which actually works now that Sascha reminded me to do it. I don’t have a way yet to reverse the lists, which I would like to do. That will either require diving into Mailman more than I have previously, or finding a solution someone already did…

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