Google Summer of Code Doc Camp

Every year, people ask “Why can’t writing documentation be part of Summer of Code?”  (Not necessarily for DragonFly, but in general)  Google has a “Doc Camp”, where a whole lot of documentation gets produced in sprints, and anyone can participate – not just Summer of Code students.

If this sounds interesting to you, your application has to be in by August 7th 9th.  (URL and date updated)

2 Replies to “Google Summer of Code Doc Camp”

  1. I can’t view the application page. It tells me I lack permission and need to switch to an account with permission. I imagine this is because it’s on the hosted docs site (the /a/ in the URL).

    The correct links look to be:

    – Doc Sprint homepage:
    – Doc Sprint registration form:

  2. You weren’t the only one – there was a followup email on the list about permissions issues. I put the new supplied link in, plus they extended the deadline to the 9th.

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