8-way benchmarks for DragonFly and Linux

Phoronix has another set of benchmarks that include DragonFly and PC-BSD, along with several Linux distributions.  It’s interesting to see, though don’t take them as performance measurements.  7-Zip as a benchmark doesn’t describe much other than the program itself, and the Himeno benchmark results are because of the compiler in use rather than any underlying performance aspect of the operating system – for instance.  The DragonFly benchmarks disappear after page 3.

One Reply to “8-way benchmarks for DragonFly and Linux”

  1. I’d like to see some investigation about the 7zip benchmark to see if it can be reproduced. As I have a machine with both freebsd and dragonfly and linux mint on it, I might be able to investigate a bit, although FreeBSD is amd64 and dragonfly is i386.

    If it’s the “program itself” and the version is identical, then it’s a valid benchmark to me. I’m not so quick to dismiss it, at least until more is understood about it.

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